Our services


  • Investigating suitable processors
  • Checking permits and acceptance criteria for the waste substances concerned
  • Offering competitive processing rates
  • Administrative coordination of the required waste documentation


  • Investigating suitable transporters
  • Checking the required insurance and permits for waste transporters
  • Offering competitive transport rates
  • Logistical coordination of waste shipments


  • Notifications required under the EU Waste Shipment Regulation
  • Waste and transport documents: hard copies where necessary, digital where possible
  • Mandatory reporting to relevant government agencies

How do we operate?



Our services start with a thorough analysis of your request, in which we identify your specific needs and precise requirements.


Information and sample analysis

If there is insufficient information available about the waste substances, we commission an accredited lab to conduct a detailed analysis. This helps us to better understand the nature and composition of the waste.


Processing investigation

Once we have sufficient information about the waste substances and their origin, we investigate which processing centres could be eligible to process the waste. We look at the permits and acceptance criteria of the potential centres, taking account of European legislation.


Transport investigation

Once we receive confirmation of acceptance by one or more processing centres, we investigate which transporters could be eligible to carry the waste to the processing site. In doing so, we consider what insurance and permits are required for a transporter of waste materials in the regions concerned.



Based on the results of our investigations, we draw up a detailed quote that customises all aspects of the proposed solution. We discuss the quote with you in detail, to ensure that all aspects are clear and meet your expectations.


Administrative organisation

Once the quote is approved, we start organising the administrative side of the waste stream in accordance with the applicable legal rules and the permits held by the various partners involved. If required, a notification of cross-border transport of hazardous waste will be drafted.


Logistical coordination

Right from the first shipment, a team of motivated employees will guide you from pickup to delivery of the waste. We will coordinate the entire logistics process for you, paying particularly close attention to the correct handling of the documents that accompany the waste.


Administrative follow-up care

Once the physical transfer of the waste is complete, Eurowaste nv will carry out the remaining legal formalities, including making mandatory reports to the relevant government agencies.