What is the objective of Eurowaste?

Eurowaste’s aim is to find the most appropriate treatment method for each waste, based on the best available technology. Eurowaste prefers, if possible, R treatment. R stands for recycle. This means that the waste is recycled, reused or incinerated with a view to thermal valorisation.

How does Eurowaste make use of the SDGs?

Eurowaste fully supports the SDG agenda. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals serve as a strong foundation for our sustainability ambitions and strategy. We link the UN goals to challenges within the European waste market, but also within our company and support our partners in this.

What certifications has the company obtained?

Eurowaste nv is proud to hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Can you get a quote for office and industrial waste from Eurowaste?

Eurowaste specialises mainly in the management of industrial (chemical) waste.

How does Eurowaste follow the ever-changing European and regional regulations on waste management?

We are in daily contact with regional authorities regarding the submission and follow-up of notification dossiers. In addition, Eurowaste is a member of the Belgian federation of the waste and recycling sector DENUO and also maintains intense relations with EURIC, the federation at European level. Finally, the entire team attends annual training courses (waste management, ADR, chemistry and language courses).

In which regions do we operate?

Eurowaste nv operates in the Benelux, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Western Europe.



Does Eurowaste work for private individuals?

Although Eurowaste is currently focusing on corporate clients, we thank you for your interest. We recommend that private individuals contact local service providers directly for their specific waste management needs.

Does Eurowaste empty cesspits?

We do not offer a cesspit-emptying service. For private individuals, we recommend contacting specialist service providers that can meet your specific needs.

Can Eurowaste help us draft a notification?

We provide full support with notification drafting. Our in-house WSR expert is ready to provide guidance and ensure everything goes smoothly. Contact us for more details or to make an appointment.

In what languages is the Eurowaste team fluent?

The team is fluent in Dutch, French, English and German.



How does Eurowaste handle last-minute transport requests?

At Eurowaste, last-minute transport requests are a high priority. Our dedicated team is well equipped to rapidly swing into action and is always fully committed to fulfilling these types of requests. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly, even for urgent requests.

Does Eurowaste provide skips for mixed construction and demolition waste?

At Eurowaste, we are currently concentrating on corporate clients. We don’t provide skip services to private individuals. We recommend that private individuals contact local waste management companies.